Ramon's random thought: Blast from the past rework

I randomly thinked of this rework for BFTP after listening to a random game soundtrack.

Here is my rework:
Note: if it’s something for difficulty >70% then the text will be bold

Upon encountering the big egg, screen will zoom out by 125%, egg size is still the same.

MHS will still move around randomly but it’s phases are a bit different

Here are the phases:

Start from 0.00% Progress: egg will shoot 4 / 4 omnidirectional neutrons every 1.8 / 1.6 seconds.

Reaching 10%: egg will shoot 5 / 8 omni neutrons every 1.7 / 1.4 seconds.

Reaching 20%: egg will shoot 6 / 9 omni neutrons every 1.6 / 1.2 seconds.

Reaching 50%: 7 / 11 omni neutrons every 1.4 / 1 second(s)

Reaching 60%: 8 / 12 omni neutrons every 1.4 / 1 second(s)

Reaching 80%: 10 / 14 omni neutrons every 1.4 / 1 second(s)

Reaching 95%: shoots 10 / 14 omni neutrons every 0.2 / 0.2 seconds. At this point, it’s be quick or be dead so you better kill it fast.

That’s my random rework. Criticism is welcome. Sorry if my English bad.


70 projectiles per second? No thanks.

Besides A Blast from the Past is practically the same entity as Mother-Hen Ship, so that’s a plot hole that needs filling in my opinion.

I guess adding those Episode DLCs qbus mentioned would do the trick, or not?


Pretty much the entire reason I made this:


This is a plothole? And not a fact that every other boss is magically alive and appearing everywhere even when we know hero from episodes killed them? CIU doesn’t have a story and it can never have given current gameplay.


It’s the same entity. Story or not, it’s a fact these ‘two’ bosses are basically one boss. And either one of them has to go or become different from the other.

If the former event takes place, there’s plenty of good boss concepts that could replace the variant of Mother-Hen Ship that’d be gone.

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What about all other bosses?

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What other bosses? I’m not talking about continuity here. I’m talking about these “two” bosses being the same entity. It’s like having the CI2 military chick along with CI5 and CIU’s military chick.


Then what are you talking about here? All bosses are dead in episodes so what are they doing here?

What about Space Crab?

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That doesn’t count. The different types of Space Crabs exist due to difficulty variation, and they’re not exactly the same entity either. Like I said, they’re variants. However it was never elaborated what the two MHSs would be in relation to each other. And if you were to say “variants”, I’d be quick to disagree. Boss variants in CIU don’t have completely different battles.

Like you yourself said, CIU is a spinoff. And that’s not my problem at all. My problem, explained pretty well by Kylo-Hen in his post too, is that the two are one.


Yeah, but they are still the same crab. It’s proven in CI4 that it is the same boss that rebuilds itself.

So if it is a spin-off then why is it a problem when there are 2 versions of the same boss? I don’t understand this.

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Maybe you can give Kylo-Hen’s post a read and that would clear it up a bit? He explained it pretty well and proposed a solution too.


i read everything on this forum. Still don’t understand your point of view.

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Well, I’d like to stop here then.

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Actually, is there any canon proof of that? I always assumed that after the Authentic Hero destroyed the original Mother-Hen Ship, the Henpire simply iterated on the design and built another one (and then did that again in CI4).


And I don’t think that the Egg Cannon version even counts, because the first to Mother Hen ships clearly had metal shells underneath. That one’s obviously a (very cheap) remake. Idk about the CI3 on tho. Wasn’t there some theory about the Yok-Star being made from the remains of the CI2 Mother-Hen Ship?


If that’s the case then… @kokokokos I’m sorry.

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Maybe, if that is the case (and I’m not a huge fan of that explanation, we’re pulling a Rise of Skywalker-level of “no, it’s back”) then it could be elaborating in the Chick-o-pedia when that gets added.

Yes, but that’s different because it’s an intentional gag. The first time the hero blows it up he’s all like “Yay” and Hen Solo just totally deflates him with “nah, it’ll survive” even as the wreckage is drifting right past.

The Mother Hen ship isn’t that. It’s a nostalgic reference that’s been played off multiple times in different games, and now different interpretations of that reference have all coincided in CIU.


You know, the first time I saw that thing, I don’t know why, but it felt like some rogue construction unit, you know?

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