Rainy planets

Hello everyone! I am new here on this forum, but I ah chicken invaders a lot. During my playtime, I saw all kinds of planets: Electric ones, Hot ones, Gas giants, barren rocks etc. Etc. Now, how about we (or the creators of CIU) add rainy planets. Rainy planets will have rain and if you want to play missions on rainy planets you will need a rain shield. Tell me more in the comments if you like the idea!
AndrewTheCoder 123


so is it acid rain or normal rain (because i dont see point for shield if its normal rain) but i do like the idea

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Acid rain!


Nice! And the rain could fall in the background, there should be another one with rain+lightning too :wink:

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Not sure how that would work when you’re still in space during the mission


Aren’t there missions with lightning too?

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i think he means that it would be planetary mission.


I absolutely love this idea! And I have an additional idea for that: in missions on these planets, there will be “Acid Rain” projectile that would kill player if it hits him.

However, how there can be rain in space? This makes no sense, but i hope this minor issue won’t affect this idea in skipping it by devs.


Hmm, what if there’s another type of this planet that only has hail storms instead of rain

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This happens in reality, and it’s actually even cooler:

Jupiter (as in, the one in our very own Solar System) has a moon that occasionally cuts through its magnetic field, called Io. When this happens, it literally turns the entire moon into a planet-sized electric generator that can produce about four-hundred-thousand volts across its own surface (Io itself is basically a volcanic rock).

An electric current at three million amperes passes from this moon through Jupiter’s magnetic field, causing lightning in Jupiter’s upper atmosphere. And that magnetic field’s size is doubled, because its rotation strips about a literal ton of the volcanic sulfur and plasma off of Io every second and turns into a “plasma torus” - basically an enormous donut of radiation that circles the entire planet (and Jupiter is BIG.)

The ions from that ring are sometimes pulled into Jupiter’s atmosphere, creating a stunning, azure-blue aurora and also causing the magnetic field to inflate to double the size it normally is (and remember, this is the magnetic field containing 3 million amps of lightning storms).

It’s insane, and awesome, and all less than a light year away from home, too. So space lightning is totally a real thing.

now add that to CIU


We could have upper-atmosphere missions, as it is one of the few that doesn’t require any special requirements, other than some environment stuff. Just to see how it goes.

It’s just one programmer.

Very much less.

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