Races of Universe

What creatures do you think inhabit the “Universe”? We see evil hens, classic invaders, people (other humanoid?), and strange green aliens. Who else? I propose to fantasize!



is that a furrry astronaut or a space pony

In the Russian translation “Ultimate Omelette”, “Hen Solo” is called “Vaska”, popular cat nickname.

Or maybe “furronaut” and “spony” ? Hehe, sorry for a bad pun, but I had to XD
It’s definitelly a spony tho, no doubt on that.

About the post itself… Well, cool picture, but it would fit this forum more if it had chicken invaders themselves in it :wink:

I think that if this universe is inhabited by giant space chickens that are angry on us for eating their smaller cousins, maybe, just maybe there are also giant space forks that are angry on us for using their smaller cousins to kill and eat chickens.

IDK, just a thought.


oh lol

i checked the artist’s page and it is indeed a pony


Picture is just to attract attention. And there are Invaders on it! ^^ And here is the question … The writer Kir Bulychev described the races of the Universe as follows: “Some are very similar to people, others are not like people”. Perhaps “Chicken Invader” races also fall under these criteria: some look like humans, others look like chickens, others look like animals, and others look like some kind of intelligent space cubes that curse everything around.

Каким боком популярное?

Droids, civilization which built space crabs, UFO’s from CI2/3, jellyfish from CI5, heart from CI5 (weren’t met in galaxy but live in it).

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