Questions of the next update (v7_1)

  1. When is the release date (it doesn’t have to be accurate)
  2. Are there any steps that IA s doing to be closer to full version?


I think the better question is how much more updates needs to help on IA to fix the bugs and balancing things, before add CI2 and CI3 content+new content and then full release.



Literally every update.


i can’t believe IA is controlled by robtop


I wouldn’t even be surprised at this point tbh.


Isn’t too obvious?


Though it is very important to know the difference between "soon’ and “RobTop-soon”.


Nah, v7.1’ll be identical to v6.1.


CIU is down right now, Maybe this might be the update :thinking:


You have to download all the ſignificant updates. This’ll juſt be a minor thing that we’ll probably not even notice.
EDIT: I take that back. It is an update. But it does require downloading.