Question about this forum

Hi, I have ciu forum in phone, but theres a way to download the forum in PC? :thinking:

No. The forum app is discourse thing and only works on mobile phones (usually uses Chrome).


Oh, ok, however, thank you for telling me :wink:

False. I downloaded it on PC.

Then say how you did it.

That :heavy_plus_sign: button near the bookmark star :star: next to in url bar

That’s bookmarking, not downloading.

I mean the :heavy_plus_sign: sign tho, learn english pleez

I already learn English.

Learn more then :wink:

I already learned more. No need for further discussion.

Well learn much more. You can’t finish learning a subject because there is always more.

Nah you learn engrish lmao I said that because of your recent grammar fixing bug report which is so wrong


More like EngIish (Eng-(capital) i-ish)

Um, not really, you can call it angrish better

Maybe you people should try not to flood the topic with stupid stuff like this?
Especially a certain person who claims they don’t violate rules anymore.


I recently sended a DM to IA what close the Topic to evade some problems :wink:

what does this word mean?

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Sorry, my bad :frowning:

You mean avoid ?