Question about some sounds?


@InterAction_studios I’ve been asking for some sounds from a long time, where did you get them?
The Space Crab creepy sound, The Iron Chef, The Henterprise always bothers me. Also what does say The Military Chicken? I cant understand. I hear some kind of: Oruji hoaaa or something like this :thinking::sweat_smile:. Special needs sounds like a witch when it laughs. Also the sound when Henterprise and The egg cannon spawn chickens is pretty interesting. Where do these all sounds come from?


The chicken sounds came from a sound designer that we hired. Curiously, we still don’t know whether he strangled real chickens in his backyard to produce the sounds :wink:
The rest of the effects are mixed from various sources (web and CD, both free and non-free). The music is original composition.

This should be the answer you are looking for (From this topic Soundeffects 🐔)