Question about losing Regular

I recently notice that some users are losing Regular and becoming a Member.And today suddenly I lost my Regular too :thinking:. Please, explain.


That means you no longer fulfill the requirements for the regular trust level.
You probably got a lot of flags, which resulted in you losing the title.


To add to what @anon27929001 pointed out,


I lost my status as well down to Member. I really don’t wanna explain why though.


It has literally nothing to do with what you’re referring to. IA has better things to care about than petty and ridiculous drama, even though he’s in the unofficial Discord server. Honestly, I feel kinda sorry for him. Maybe he should make an official Discord with proper moderation.

In other words you lost it either because you got flagged or because you became less active.


Well that’s reassuring. It’s most likely due to flags, I went off topic multiple times and I got flagged for them, a consequence of me getting permabanned from discord. Having said that, I still respect IA for keeping this community together with Chicken Invaders, Island Wars, Piggly and other games.

I do not seek to restart my rant, I’ll only hurt myself with that, I know better now.
Anyways, may the forks be with you!


I lost mine quite a while back,about the time I became much less active due to work etc.
There are several requirements to maintain regular.
My feelings are not hurt and as far as I know I have not said anything to be flagged or banned.

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