Quality of Life Suggestions [Improvement Ideas]

Phew, been a while since I made a post here. Not that anyone’d notice I was gone, I wasn’t much of a presence here to begin with.
Today I want to present and hopefully also discuss some QoL improvements that could be added to the game relatively easily (at least on my guesstimate) and would smooth out the gameplay loop of the game without devolving much.

Weapon and Spacecraft Quick Swap
Issue: Swap flagships around takes a truly staggering amount of clicks, even when you’re not in the position of realizing your other ship is probably better for a mission you just wanted to do, this goes double for weapons.

Possible Solution

Implement a shortcut to the Fleet/Loadout screen in the mission loadout, or straight up place a ship list on the side of the screen with a menu that lets you quickly swap weapons between ships and pick what ship you want to take into a mission.

System Info
This one has already been requested, but I just wanted to visualize.
Issue: We can only rely on our memory to remember basically anything about any system, unless we visit it ourselves.

Possible Solution

Simply use the same system used for planets to display some basic information on a system, listing the explored and unexplored planets, as well as the number of completed missions on each.

Planet Inspection
Issue: Looking around a system can sometimes be needlessly complicated due to planet distances in certain situations, and zooming can sometimes only over-complicate the matter.

Possible Solution

Add arrow buttons to the sides of the screen, near the planets or at the bottom navigation bar that will shift the focus onto another planet in the system.

Event Mail
I’d just really appreciate it if Event Notifications (such as scoreboard results) and Event Missions (the actual missions) were visibly separated in some way. I know it’s a very VERY minor thing, but it saves a few clicks, and that’s kinda the point of this topic.

Aaaaand that’s all I could think of.
Feel free to comment your thoughts and opinions, and thank you for reading!


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