Quality of life changes and other ideas

These are just some ideas that I’ve had overtime in a notepad file, so I’m just gonna share them, keep in mind most of these have mock-ups to visualize the ideas a little bit better.

1.Make special weapons and other items selectable by pressing the keyboard number keys when starting a mission.

This part always annoyed me, especially when I had a lot of Dimensional Phaseouts and I had to move my mouse every time, here’s how to make it a bit easier.

  • Select the space where you want to put something in. Let’s say I want to put Damage Amplifier in this spot. (notice how the items on the left are numbered now)

  • Now I notice the number at the beginning of the name of the item, and I see that It’s 3, so I’d be pressing 3 on my keyboard to put the item there.

  • And Voilà, the item is now in the space I just selected!

2.Make enemy projectiles more noticeable.

Eggs, and other projectiles alike that are white and kill you, blend too much when using the Utensil Poker. I suggest that players should be able to customize how the projectiles should look, or how they should appear.
I don’t have many ideas on how to fix this, but some good ideas might be to put the projectiles on a higher layer to not be behind the weapon projectiles or the bosses’ additional details(for example in “It gets cold in space”, the eggs are sometimes hidden by the clothes of the chicken. I also think that players should be able to add a colored outline to the projectiles, preferably red or something.

3. Make customisable missions so people can practice certain waves.

I’d doubt this can actually fit inside the game but I will still try to explain it.
Basically, players should make a custom mission with whatever waves they want, to experiment with certain special weapons or items, or just getting better at certain waves.
These missions should be offline and not count any real scores or medals, to prevent farming.

4. Special weapons like the Dimensional Phaseouts and Damage Amplifiers should have a progress bar to show when it will end.

It’s simple enough, a bar that depletes and shows how much time you have until it expires, it’s supposed to follow the ship around,here’s a mock-up to show my visualization of how I’d imagine it working
The animation of the bar would be a lot smoother ofc, I just suck at making gifs.


Very useful, I’d like this. An option to make “presets” was also suggested a lot.

That’s a downside for forks, and there are weapons that are even worse regarding hiding enemy projectiles - have you ever tried Photon Swarm in a Bomber?

Pretty sure a wave editor was suggested already, but yea, it would be cool if we had a “practice mode” for certain waves.

This was also suggested a countless amount of times. In my opinion, the best solution for this would be to make a hardpoint which makes these timers visible, so players can turn it on or off as they wish.


Confession: I haven’t tried out the bombers.

Will it work like cooling after overheat?

That reminds me to Island Wars 1.

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