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How many chicken can you kill minimum in CI3

6 thousand.

Do Hen Solo use Morron railgun or Borron railgun?

Moron railgun.

Epic Fail. He uses Borron Railgun. Proof is the last unlockable.

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Should we? I don’t think so.

How much IQ do you have?


Why was this topic needed?

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It’s not needed.

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How could you easily (i mean the easiest possible) clear the others chickens while defeating The Yolk Star? I found it really hard because the chicks just running into you and you even have to dodge the blue laser.

How gravity works?

(Am I wrong or someone already made a similar topic?)

Yup, they don’t juſt fly around randomly. They’re… uh… yeah, they’re terminator chickens. Baſically their flight path gets changed to where you are after it gets to the previous location where it detected you. Baſically the firſt trick is to avoid having them directly below you. Move to the ſide, and ſtay near the Yolk Star- as cloſe as you can without being hit by the laſer bodies when they move to the ſide. At the earliëſt opportunity, move ſo that the chickens are between you and the Yolk Star, and ſhoot 'em down!

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Is the Earth a Cube or Pyramid?


Incorrect. It’s not every few seconds. The flight path only gets changed after it gets to the previous location where it detected you.

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Oh, right. I’ll fix that for poſterity.

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I’m not Travis but as you can see in this (totally not fake) and (absolutely true) photo you can see the answer


NASA was lying all along!


300 IQ for me

Don’t worry; I think we could all tell the ſize of your immenſe intellect.