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Will my data lostwhen reinstall the game?

  • No
  • Yes

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My data lose
nonono IA pls take me again


Y’all voted yes which is wrong! You can’t lose data when reinstalling.


1.Uninstall game, install newest update
You lose
2.You only install the update without doing anything else
You win. I mean you don’t lose your files

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It’s the forum meme. He isn’t spreading it over the internet. You agreed to that right?

You can’t stop meme-ing, We’d love if our posts became memes so be proud.

Well, I guess you can ask

It’s weird to hear that from a meme

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No you can’t. You need to have Chicken Hunter License to do that :v:


Yes,he can. It’s his post. If he doesn’t enjoy you spreading this on the entire forum,you probably shouldn’t do it.


well yes and no, you can back your data up then “reinstall”(uninstall then install again) then nothing really happen, but if you don’t have a back up, then it’s gone, forever

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Wait! I feel like enjoying it.


Now you do? Ok

How to transfer data from PC to laptop?


PC to laptop, same account

Backup your data to cloud storage. Download it in the laptop and put it into C:\ProgramData\InterAction studios

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Everything you need is just put this folder in your laptop. Data is saved on the server, it should work.

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My PC can’t boot up. Now what?