PvP games in Chicken Invaders Universe

I also have an idea for PvP. To get bonuses, one could compete in different ways with players around the world. There would be several types of such games:

  1. Two players play the same game and compete with each other on points or killed enemies.
  2. Two players also play, but they can send waves to each other. For example, your friend sent you “Chicken Geometry”, and you gave him “Chicken Square Dancing”. The game will continue until either 120 waves pass or some player loses all lives. The winner is determined by the number of points / lives / power of the weapon.
  3. A team game where you shoot other spaceships of players from other teams (your bullets do not affect the players of your team). When killing a spacecraft (the number of lives is not limited, but when a bullet hits a player, the player dies and this affects his statistics. With a small chance, when the enemy dies, you get a bonus. The winning team is determined by the number of kills.

This sounds fun as long as the game wont become p2w type

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