Publish the android version on different app stores

I know that the game cannot be published to google play store currently. But what about publishing it to other stores such as Huawei app gallery, the Samsung Galaxy Store etc.

wouldn’t it be added to Google Play?

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Look, some other store as you mentioned are not quite popular, and yet not everyone use them. Just wait until it displayed on GG play store.

Hopefully IA managed to settle the issue with Google first, however.

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literally no one uses them

How ignorant can you be to say that literally no one uses them. You know that Google Play Store isn’t available in every country?

In android you have a freedom to choose what appstore you use or even don’t use any.
Have you heard of mobile marketshare in Asian countries? Have you stopped to consider why everybody wants to release their products there (hence why there are so many special versions made specifically for China)?

Also, everybody that has Samsung (non modified) uses Samsung Store since there are apps not present in Google Play and you need to update them regularly.

IA of course could release CIU on multiple stores, but so far it doesn’t make too much sense. IA needs Google Adsense to display ads. We also currently have .apk file of CIU which I hope will stay even if only for CHL players.

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Might be a relevant response for Samsung Galaxy Store since most Samsung smartphones has Google Play Service.

For Huawei AppGallery, however, it’s simply the worst take to say. Due to certain reasons that are best to be redacted due to heavy political sentiments, the current Huawei smartphones don’t have Google Play Service so Huawei AppGallery is the literal life saver for the users of said smartphones nowadays.

Hence, it is a fair decision if IA choose to publish the game on both Google Play Store and Huawei AppGallery.


i have a Huawei phone and both are working fine. is my phone an older version?

Currently IA has a problem with the google play account so IA won’t be able to publish the game until the problem is fixed

Well, Huawei app gallery is the only way to install apps on Huawei smartphones. So every one uses Huawei Smart Phone will use the app gallery

Any Huawei phone released after 2020 won’t have google play store.

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Android came with sideload APK feature, does it count as other way to install apps?

I’m using Huawei phone but never used Huawei Store, so… not everyone still

Yes, you might use the older Huawei phone with Google Play Service, including Huawei nova 4e, so it’s fine to not use AppGallery.

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Safe to say that you use older Huawei phone with Google Play Service enabled (GSMArena and websites similar to it exist for reasons).

For Huawei phones released after 2020, AppGallery is the only way to install the apps properly.

APK sideloading is no different than playing whack-a-mole game or opening a can of worms. Unless you know what you do, the APK file is hosted on official publisher’s website or reputable third-party publishers (such as APKPure) and definitely trust your own instinct, you might not know what will happen after sideloading the APK file.

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I get it, its a 2017 or 2018 model

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I meant Huawei phones that is released after 2020.

Because google play service is not enabled in any Huawei phone after 2020 so the app gallery is the only way to install apps officially and safely.

Installing application/game using APK is NOT safe if you don’t know/trust the publisher.

So people that never heard about IA before and wanted to try CIU first thing they will search for it in the google play store or Huawei app gallery.
If they didn’t find it some of them won’t search for the apk for some reasons like they don’t want to get virus by installing wrong apk.

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