Projectile Nullifier

A magnificent device for escaping certain uncomfortable moments. Creating a mini-shield that persists per wave, temporarily protecting you from death.

Hello, this is a Special Weapon. This is another “Weapon” for defense scenario, it acts as a alternative to Dimensional Phase-Out. This item persists through the entire wave instead of having a time limit. This weapon is also a stackable/multiple-usage. I’ll go to that later.

Buy: Projectile Nullifier can be bought in the store with 7x9 :key:. Cheaper in regional stores.

Behavior: Upon using, the Spec creates a mini-shield to protect you. They have multiple layers.

These shields persist till the next wave.


Layers of shields with hexagonals orbiting your ship and follow the shield line.

A single pulsating shield with a group of hexagons orbiting you, indicating how many layers you have left before the shield breaks.

Choose your style
  • Style #1 (Layers)
  • Style #2 (Indicators)

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When you get hit by a projectile, you will consume a layer of your shield and create a small explosion, dealing minor damage to nearby enemies that won’t trigger retaliating enemies and destroy all projectiles that caught in the explosion. After that, you have 1/6 second of immunity frame and then the next layer begin in effect.

This spec has 3 layers of usage and wether if it’s stsckable or unstackable:

  • Stackable: using this spec only create 1 shield and can have up to 3 shields. Each wave passes, a layer of your shield decays. (Requires price reduction)

  • Unstackable: using this spec creates 3 layers of shield. You cannot stack or refill them till you used all of them/next wave begins.

Choose your type
  • Stackable
  • Unstackable

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Note: If you get hit by a living entity (chicken, barrier, etc), you will deal [Crash damage of your ship] + 2,000 damage for each shield you have and create a medium explosion. It also consume all of your shields and grant 1 second immunity.

Note 2: During immunity period (whether immortality from spawning or you are in the immune period of this special) you cannot use this nullifier again till it runs out.

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Nice art
Nice concept but it still needs more work
Bec it feels ehh
Try changing its purpose or balancing things up
I really like the design btw
Good job


i like this idea, this special can defend me
good job

this one is similar to Dimensional Phase out

Dimensional Phase-out 2

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reisen’s bomb


This’s cooley idea. Someway using it can save us from some tight spots






i prefer an regenerative crash shield that regenerates with dmg dealt (not including crash)
as a booster, you know what, i’ll do it myself

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