Progress Reset Question

Yes! Yes! I know that on some updates we will be refunded everything for keys! But my question is… will our progress be reset upon the game getting a full release? I don’t think it’s necessary, because even if our minority of early access players start out better, we still can’t affect other players. The only question are leaderboards and squadrons. Still, what is it? And if you do give an answer, say why. I want to know!

In my opinion IA should do that
We are testing… why we should mantain all?
We have the adventage to help improving the game and have our ideas into the game (if are good) reciving for each of them a content badge.

If we have everything unlocked on launch day we will easily get bored after fewer time.

A good compromise could be a 20% key refound for testers. So we will have a less op head start and no one will complain about


@InterAction_studios Can you give an official reply?

I’m pretty ſure the official reply is “We’ll croſs that bridge when we get to it.”

Yeah, probably

We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.