Problem with viewing badges

I’ve noticed that when viewing someone’s card it sometimes shows badges of the same kind, for example if you clicked my card it will show Higher Love&Crazy in Love badges:

I think showing Higher Love when already having Crazy in Love is kinda pointless because if you got Crazy in Love, then you obviously got Higher Love, so why doesn’t it view other badges like Respected maybe?!


And why not? It’s current state looks good in my opinion. It sorts them the right way, from the hardest to the easiest.

EDIT: If there was a way to change top badges, then you can solve this.

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I think something similar was discussed before here Small site suggestion
well, it wasn’t talking about the problem you’re talking about, but about a suggestion instead. in that topic there was a suggestion for the ability to choose which badges appear when clicking on an user.


Does this really matter so much that you have to make a post about it

Discourse was not made by iA. He can’t change it.


1-You got Higher Love and after that you got Crazy in Love that is mean Higher Love is different than Crazy in Love
2-I think the order of badges is random or according to the last badges you got

Maybe for you it doesn’t, but for me it is.

So it’s not fixable?! Thanks anyway.

Both of them is literally about spending you all of your likes.

No, because I got Recpected recently

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But still, as i said, it’s not really a big deal, so calm down.

He seems perfectly calm to me.


Maybe Discourse will fix it soon


I hope so.


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