Problem with loss of account


Good day! I have a problem. I have lost my account.

I had to reinstall windows on my laptop.
I made sure to backup my game’s folder. But i did not know i was also supposed to back up a folder (located in C: - the system drive), containing my account’s information.

I asked a few members in the CIU Discord how to proceed. They suggested writing in the forum about the problem.

I do not know how it is done, but all I can provide is:

  • the lost account’s pilot name, which is my own (hale)
  • the account i have now created as a place holder: (duffy)

Good luck!

Well, if you have an older version of the game in the InterAction studios folder… You could recover your stuff.

Done. When you log in again you should see your ‘hale’ account.

Good! everything is here here.
I am very grateful to @InterAction_studios for their support.
and also, many thanks to @1uws and @EmeraldBirb for the help.

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Does 1uws and EmeraldPlay help?
He just say good luck
Emerald play don’t do anything

This isn’t the only place where they can help, you know


Hwat _(°^°)_/ Esmerald ‘v’ dont help in this topic, and 1uws only say “Good Luck”

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