Problem in BX-9

i have a problem when i bought BX-9 2 days ago but it is very slow i can’t play CIU wit BX-9 can anyone that have BX-9 help me and tell me how to play with it

Buy the one with rarity, and buy jets to make it move faster.

use 10 jets

How much the speed will increase (in %)

Where i can get jet?

In the shop.


Around 71.4% if its a stock bomber


And for the rare one?

more then 71.4%

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So the percentage is unknown?!

Around 62.5%

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wait that is a guess
here is a real informations for speed bomber
BX6 500
BX7 450
BX8 400
BX9 350
+25 for rarely
+25 for jets
10 jets = 250
H&C and muller speed same as BX6 in massive
(those informations are form CID)

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Bombers are perfect for keyboard players. Mouse players can’t handle it, unless with jets and not in massive planets.

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Are these the percentages of them?

Uh, nope, they’re faster than BX-6


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