Power generator

When you collect an atomic power-up or the same weapon you have it gives you double the power level but when your ship is destroyed it loses double the amount of power
It also halves the points you get from Max power and firepower and weapon present bonuses
Costs 25 keys and is a perishable

I don’t have a better name for this idea

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Sounds like something that will be needed for the space race again


Why would we want to lose 10 fire-power?

Well, it would be convenient, if you get 2 fp every time

Well, if you mount this and you have 10 fire-power, suddenly a chicken bumps into you and you have 0 fire-power left. Would that be frustrating?

I guess it would

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To compensate for getting 2 FP for every atomic power-up
Also minimum FP you can have by destroying your ship is 2 FP right ?

Yes, but that is only for boss fights.


I think it should come with an overall decrease in score, but, well, Space Race doesn’t give a crap about score. Maybe it shouldn’t be mountable on those missions only.

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Instead, I think it’s better as a mission type than an item.

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