Poultry Payback in Space Race

Mass Condenser was forbidden in Space Race in order to prevent tactical suicides. It may have limited the use of kamikaze strategies, but in some waves like The Bird House they are still way too viable thanks to Poultry Payback. I think it should be banned too or at least punished with time penalty like special weapons.

Should Poultry Payback be restricted in Space Race?

  • Yes, it should be banned like Mass Condenser and Speedy Recovery
  • Yes, it should be punished with a time penalty like the special weapons
  • No, it doesn’t need restrictions

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If it’s the same class of weapon and the others are banned for the same conditions, then yeah, knock this one out too. Actually, it’s worth pinging @InterAction_studios to ask, why were two banned but not the third? Oversight due to time/low importance, or is there a reason that makes a payback bomb different than a mass smack or a speed recover?

Mass Condenser was banned due to them being able to one shot bosses.


Didn’t know they were that powerful. I use them very unconsciously

That was before a rework was done on them. Before, you could stack a ton of them to maximize the damage done to bosses and that’d be retained throughout the Race (I think).

Now, the consumable deals a constant damage and can be used a finite amount of times.

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Poultry Payback is weak to some degree and the AOE isn’t that useful on stages with a massive zoom (What’s the Time? comes to mind).

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Well then they could very well be unbanned, perhaps on probation (have a time penalty added).

for a substantial amount of time the strategy for space race was crashing into every boss with 3 mass condensers (155,000 damage, enough to kill in 1 or 2 hits)

personally i think space race should just have preset random equipment like in pot luck instead of these item bans which sort of mitigate the issue but the challenge itself is still pay to win


That’s a fair argument for keeping it as is. I definitely haven’t found it incredibly strong except in dense missions and endgame bosses.

This is gamey as heck.

I’d be fine with a preset configuration for Races, as it’d show who can make use of the given tech and see who’d do it efficiently.


I feel like if we banned poultry payback it will make space race kinda boring because there isn’t alot of strats that get used it is mostly comes to positron and coolants and bring overdrive and remember waves and poultry payback makes it more interesting it isn’t just die and boom wave end there is ways to make it optimal

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In fact, give randomized equipment to every challenge mission, and don’t just turn it into a new mission type. Making a special type of daily that has randomized stuff and leaving the regular daily challenge as-is is quite dumb. It solves nothing.

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I think randomized giving types of equipment for each challenge mission can be suitable but not turning them into new missions. This is as dumb as using an Absolver beam against Bossa nova.

btw I saved us

(Literally kidding ok?)

Who did you save? It deserved to be banned. You screwed us over. Don’t act like you’re a hero


Calm down. I am just kidding. That vote was for a few secs for taking a screenshot.
Don’t take it serious
I know it better be banned.

Similar to this, I guess

I agree about banning it.

But I have a question:

Since we are all agreeing on restricting use of Poultries in Space races. Could the same be done to ICBMs?

Having an unlimited use of it. As well as dealing high AoE damage and making a lot of save ups of time. Is what makes me think about banning them as well.

No. I wanted poultry paybacks gone because it forces you to use a bunch of other related perishables(and lives) and waste tons of keys. ICBMs are permanent, cost you no lives and don’t require you to bring along other equipment. They do make space race easier, but like, that’s the point of equipment. I mean just about anything you bring could be considered unfair.
That’s why I wish equipment would be randomized entirely. No unfair advantage, keeps things spicy, still lets you use stuff but forces you to use strictly the stuff given to you by the game.


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