Post your jokes here


Post any joke that you like!
It can be any joke, no matter how short, or how long it is!
Edit: Don’t post jokes with swears!
I’ll start:
A guy goes to a church and walks to the priest to talk to him.
He says: “Father, forgive me for I have sinned, I was in a hotel with7 beautiful women for 7 days!”
The priest said to him: “Don’t worry my son, all you have to do is to cut 7 lemons, squeeze all of the juice from them, and drink all of it”
The gay said: “wow! Will this wipe all of my sins?”
And the priest said: “No, but it’ll wipe that smile off your face!”.


I don’t think swears are allowed on these forums.


Everything with your measure, let’s not overdo it because like nothing IA will delete the Off topic category.


That’s what the blurred text is for. :wink:


Beſides, it’s for actuäl communication, not a ſecondary Facebook feed.


Oh yeah, you’re right! How do you do it?


After typing the word you want blurred, you juſt preſs “Backſpace” until your entire word is hidden.


Well, does anybody have jokes?


Where do battle royale players go in order to get drunk? PUBG


No. It. Is. Not…


Release date of CIU is still unknown… But not that development hell as happened with Duke Nukem Forever.