Post your fails

Post here your saddest failures in the game.

Weekly Challenge 92/100 74:26.


I have with only 2 or 3 medals but i dont have a picture.

I once played a minimum-length, minimum-difficulty level on Rookie with no ſpare lives, and died on the ſecond wave. I only got one medal for that.

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It’s not on CIU, but it’s still a big fail. When I played CI3 on rookie mode, when I came to the final boss for the first time (with 1 life), I was in shock from the fact that I managed to finally get there, and than I died before even shooting at the finale boss once…

didnt happen in CIU either, but in CI5 on veteran I lost GCHOAT (no deaths) when the henterprise was at 98%. 98%

Happened a while ago:

Weekly Challenge 99/100

One life left

Istead of a key I gathered an egg




Damm, presses F


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