Post your CIU lore here

you can submit your lore of CIU here. It can be both bad or good, just remember to make it long so I could enjoy reading it. The lore could be anything, from competitive missions to normal stuff. Remember to make it ciu-related (just CIU no other CIs). Good luck.

Ironman Competition: December 16 2120. The day when the Henpire had enough. They decided to attack the UHF Headquarters. They don’t play games anymore, they’re bringing their most powerful and well-trained units to end this chicken-cooking torture. The UHF are fast, they detected them before they could make a plan. The UHF detected and alerted all recruits to put maximum defense on the HQ. The UHF called the soldiers who brave and strong enough to fight are “Ironman”. They have to fight through massive waves of beyond powerful army of chickens in massive, hot and electric environment. It’s dangerous but the soldiers are brave. At the end, they’ll meet something that they never seen before…they’re fighting a duo…at the actual end, all recruits who participated are rewarded. Of course, the most effort will be rewarded with the Ironman medal but every 11 days the same thing happens…making the UHF worried and the Ironmans busy…

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