Post your Chicken Invaders artwork!

There is always Dick Clark after the yolk.


I say that’s a nice try. Gives me an inspiration of BCMediaPlayer’s 3D Models, actually.



NOTE: Purple arms will act just like egg arms, the only difference is the bullet speed.

Click here for more details:
  • Starts appearing at 80% difficulty, fires 4 times and fires laser arm one time in the middle.
  • At 100% difficulty it fires 6 times and laser arm 2 times, one in the left and other in the right(like UCO 1 laser arm)(it should move and shoot faster than UCO 1).
  • At 120% difficulty it fires 8 times, laser arm 3 times: left-middle-right.

Laser arm should finish its shoots the same time as egg\purple arms(like every UCO), that’s why it gotta hurry.

I might do a remake(reduce the gap in the middle) because the arms aren’t fitting well.

CI72 Space Crab:


Traitor Chicken

Traitor Chicken Chicken in Denied Sign

The Henperor


Chicken Invaders - A Chick Legend

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Great, but where’s UCHO 7? (no, I am not going to continue to 10)

I’m thinking of double uchos together connected to each other with their arms.

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I wasn’t thinking about that, but yeah, that’s a good idea.

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Thanks, next giant UCO with either giant arms or many small(normal-size) arms.

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You’re welcome, and I’d say the 2nd option.

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Maybe both, lol.

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Well, I am just awaiting to see how they would look like.

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…but isn’t that cannibalism?

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Chicken in Denied Sign
this chicken hate his own kind and he is fighting against the chickens and eats them like Hen Solo

You can also see cannibalism here:

That is still cannibalism, what the hell is wrong with you?

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bro chill it’s just art of a video game about nuking chickens in space



No clue where to post this so I will upload it here
Yes! I still play spore in 2021 and I made the muller in spore, as you can see I uploaded this spaceship on the spore site. My name is sas_boi_succer or just search “Muller M404-PI Deliverer” if you wanna see this in your game