Post your Chicken Invaders artwork!

This is not accurate, we, the mighty EA know how big each of the bosses are because we saw the development taking place.

Honestly yes, depth has to be kept in mind. Doesn’t the Henterprise cover almost the entire sun in the intro? Before releasing feathers.

He is not bigger than the sun. He have around 1/30 of the sun size(sorry if im wrong). Or simply put 12,500 kilometers in diameter. I am sure that before he was over 30 000 km, but Emerald decided to edit the final bosses.

Yesss this is what you wanted (wait nooooo its white background instead of nothing)

I just notice the Egg Cannon
This is beautiful
I know it’s a perspective tihng, but the upper part it’s just too good at first glance


(getting back on track)

This is what a simple typo can result in:

Inspired by something made by @thisistrueuser (original linked here)


Not trying to make fun of anybody, it’s just something that showed up thanks to typos and I just HAD to do something like this.


So is this a canon thing now?


Internal screeching

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He insulted Emerald
I remember, he said “You idiot”.

Only insulting EmeraldPlay can’t be the reason of 1000 years ban.


Because it’s not the only reason. The person broke the rules of ciu. They didn’t put EARLY ACCESS in their titles until their second account got banned. The person also sent me a really offensive message in PMs(iA knows this,I sent it to them through (PMs). And they were just really rude on some of our youtube videos in general.

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Wait, is this ChickenCloudy’s alt?


Well I only knew about that


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Does anybody had the henterprise’s in-game sprite?

@EmeraldPlay have it, ask him

It keeps being jpeg for some reason
Or do you want cutscene one?


The originial is made with Paint, poor quality

the image is flipped from left to right, isnt it?