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Why don’t we have some happy little posts? Some positivity.


Chrono Trigger(Amazing game, I highly recommend it), the girl from my previous avatar, sunflower seeds, I love also that IA decided to start work for MMO Spin-off CI game instead of CI6 and so on.

PvZ 2(why all the negativity?they’ve done a good job with it)

You must be kidding right now.

Why not?The premium plants are crap compared to the world plants.Also it isn’t so P2W as it was a while ago.

The overall design and levels are really great! However there are a few things that weigh it down:
-Extensive microtransactions
-Game breaking zen garden? Though you can blast through the game without it too
-Actually balance breaking level system
-Actually hard levels being hidden behind quests, being available not when you want to
-Dissapointing P2W multiplayer mode

Well,but there’s nothing to stop you from having fun with Adventure.
It was so addictive that I finished Ancient Egypt,Pirate Seas,Wild West,Far Future,Dark Ages and Frostbite Caves in the space of two weeks.

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I love mother series (Earthbound in US) so much.
One of the best RPG franchise ever made.
The story, the music, characters, places … everything is so good.
Some moments made me laugh, and some made me cry.
Seriously, I love this game. I highly recommend playing this game. It’s pure gold.

Universe Sandbox 2. I love astronomy and I like simulating things that look simple. I love the mechanics, the visuals and did o forget the soundtrack, it is amazing! Just listen to it.


CIU. Lol.
Is this a trend?

I like What does big smoke say

And I’m at DIP

i love @isp’s new profile pic


I love GTA SA

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I love this man here

I love this forum. CIU and Minecraft


The person reading this.


Sped up version is better

put it to 1.25 speed