Post here the Hardest level you ever played in CHICKEN INVADERS UNIVERSE

well i will have to travel to other side of map and find it. because i dont remember where it is

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It’s ok, it’s not like I need it, do as you wish

Yo I just found Double Rapier, just traveled to Rhadine and that’s where I found it.

EDIT: Why the hell are there two Hend Games… Still not harder than Hilarious Dressage I’d say.

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I completed up until the second Hend Game (Wave 9 of 10) because I lost about 3 lives on Mysterious Ship even with Phase-Outs. This was on Virtuoso skill so it honestly isn’t that hard I gotta say. Maybe it’s degraded in its difficulty, they probably replaced a dead hard one with Feather Brain, I’m guessing the Yolk Star.

Just completed it.

geez, the first star system has the hardest level lmao

lol, ok

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Pretty sure he hardcoded “Stupid Interaction” to never show up.


Anyone in need, buy some frozen food here (but it never gives you a discount)
It will be a nightmare if you play in SSH skill

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It is very close to the gathering place

The second one is a favorite so I don’t know where it is

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Did you know in here there is a wormhole

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:v no, idk

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Oh-uh it’s very hard :scream:

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Hoe lee chit


I just like boss rush 100% not chicken invasion or others :neutral_face:

where is hilarious dressage at?