Possible bug

  1. Alien container disappear along with barriers in Chicken Fortification (Don’t leave the best for last) upon killing all chickens
  2. Clicking on “Forum” in the title screen will end the game process(or crash) immediately
  3. Still not receiving daily stipend message

1.this isn’t a bug,it’s literally what the name of the wave means…(don’t leave the best for the last,so don’t leave the alien container for the last.). So,uh,yeah,no bugs here.
2. Pretty sure this is intended. It happened in other ci games with some of the buttons,too,like when you click “Website” which closes the game and takes you to IA’s website.

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Its cool when you click tp update the game. Neither clicking to forum shouldnt close the game.

Yeah in-game updates would be much better.

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You’re absolutely right – turns out this was broken in Update 4 :frowning: . Fixed.