🎨 Poll: Smooth or scratched paintjobs

As most of you know, spacecraft paintjobs currently have a weathered/scuffed/chipped look (that is, the paint is not completely uniform, but appears to be scratched in places):


The alternative would be to have a completely smooth and uniform paintjob (like it’s just been freshly painted)

My preference is…
  • Scratched paint (as it is now)
  • Perfectly smooth paint
  • I don’t care either way

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Do you have an example of how it would look with smooth paint?

Yes, finally I can view my spacecraft with another perspective by giving it smooth paint because chipped paint is just kinda not good-looking

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What about:
All spaceships have smooth paint, but with each death the paint gets chipped.

You can then restore it or just keep it to have your spaceship field tested.


I would be very interested in seeing that.

So far, I really don’t want smooth paintjobs to outright replace the current ones, so if there is no other viable way to do this, I’ll be voting to keep them as they are. Maybe toning down the chips as a sort of compromise would be possible, but I have no idea what level of reduction would look good (not to mention it’s all subjective anyway), so I’m not sure about this.


I voted for chipped/worn as we have now because after all, these are battle machines. However, an option to restore the paintjob (maybe a button on fleet overview) after it gets worn would be simply best of both worlds. I love your idea.


An extra option for the chipped paointjob labed as “Paintjob age” I guess.


I’ll be honest, this poll is kinda flawed since there’s no option for giving players the ability to choose between the two options of paint, chipped abd fresh. Imo both have their place and I do not wish for either to entirely replace the other.

Do you want to be able to choose between scratched paint and smooth paint?
  • Yes
  • No

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I wished that i could vote but i have an idea that can kinda subtitute for this, why dont make it that at the start the ship looks smooth af and then in the later games, if you died and done a lot of missions then the paintjob would looks scratched. The only way to make the paintjob smooth again is too repair the paint, it only costs 10-40 keys. Yes i know it might sound kinda dumb to repaint the paintjob by using keys but if you feel extra spicy and want to repaint the whole ship with a different color pallete then the paintjob would be new and shiny

I should mention that the cost depends on the paintjob on each spacecraft part

This is intentional. Providing the choice of “choose between A/B” is way harder to implement than either A or B. Besides, when you ask people “only A, only B, or choose between A/B”, most people would instinctively say “chose between A/B” because why not. This dilutes the results of people who feel strongly about A or B, which is what I’m gauging here.

I don’t, actually. I’d have to re-render everything as smooth paintjobs, which defeats the point of having this poll before I start the work.


I’m afraid that the hard option is the only way out of this if we want to avoid a civil war between the two potential groups of smooth paint fans vs chipped paint fans.

Maybe, there could be an option to add a chipped effect overlay onto smooth paint.

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