Poll: random colors for retro enemies?

Hey guys, I decided to create a small poll because I have an idea (and I maybe heard it somewhere?). What would you think about radnomly colored retro enemies (there would only be 1-2 different colors in a mission, no colorful mess)? I think that the green color gets boring after a while. @InterAction_studios, what do you think?

  • Colors should be random
  • Colors should not be random

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They should remain in green colour.
But I’m all in for a RGB seizure/epilepsy mode where enemies shift colours rapidly.

Sincerally I like green more.
Maybe change their color to yellow and red when have lost some hp? (Yellow with hp less than 75% and red when hp less than 40%)

The real problem for these missions are the numbers of wave templates… too few
I think that adding “retro barriers” and use a restyle of waves like “barriers to success” could suit better

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I think it would be better if each mission had a unique color.