Poll - Make EemeraldPlay a Leader


Hello there! Today, I have a suggestion; make @EmeraldPlay a Leader! Or, if you prefer, a moderator.

Why make him a Leader? IA is very busy and isn’t able to take much care of the forum, and if @EmeraldPlay became a mod, the forum would surely become a lot more peaceful, and a lot cleaner.

Why @EmeraldPlay? Because his is very active on the forum and he’s always being a “peacekeeper”, and he is also very active on the CI Wiki, and I think he deserves to be a moderator here.

What is your opinion, and why is that your opinion? Tell me! :grin:

  • Yes! Make @EmeraldPlay a Leader!
  • No, don’t make him a mod.
  • I’m neutral, I don’t care.

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I think that he would do a great job, but he ſhould have the laſt ſay, and IA would have to agree.

EDIT: typo


Yep, I agree.

I’m sorry, but I just had to point this out. I’m a perfectionist, by the way.


Yeah, ſorry. I’m fixing that.


NOW HYPE GUYS! EMERALD! King of the seven galaxies!


You should have meant seven seas, but seven galaxies is better. :slightly_smiling_face:


At least game is space themed much of the time.


I hope EmeraldPlay will be a good leader,he really good at playing chicken Invaders


He’s not anything official, juſt a regular. He is a good leader in the actuäl meaning of the word, though.


He’s also an admin on Chicken Invaders Wiki and also on his Chicken Invaders Wiki Discord Server.