Poll: How should the meteors coming from the bottom be handled?

  • Decrease the chance for it to happen from 20% to 15%
  • Increase the difficulty needed for it to happen
  • Leave it like it is
  • Remove it

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Just let it be really. At the least the base multiplier can be increased


Make the asteroid move slower a bit but still fast enough? Reduce the number of asteroids? Make a danger zone for Veteran and below?


Alright guys, the poll’s closed. So, @InterAction_studios, I think that the meteors coming from the bottom should be removed.

Why do people close polls? I understand closing topics, but polls? It can be still used to collect data even in the future. (that’s why I don’t close the poll in my CI Talk topic and right now the choices are going for a balance)

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Polls are closed because too many people voted for that option.

16 people is too much or 59% of 27 voters is too much?

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You’re right, I’ll keep it open

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Removed in v.46


I don’t mind it exists but not with ultra speed movement honestly. Is it possible to make if it’s tilted above 90° moves slower?

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