Plez that will make me happy

A new tipe of weapon like a green very fast one and like 4 shots at lv 1 and low damage

…and how would it stand out from other weapons?

How about an axe thrower?

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Thats not my problem,i am just giving ideas

It’s your problem. If you suggested an idea, you should work on it until it gets almost perfect using feedback. There is too little information so I can’t imagine how this weapon looks like in-game.

I will show an example about similar idea:
Its blue, its powerfull, its great, its amazing, it will kill everything fast and will be powerfull with many projecticles around 10 on 1 :zap: and 20 on 20 :zap:
Even this crap is more explaining than the ‘‘Plez that will make me happy’’ weapon.

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