Planets marked as completed missions

what would you think if something were added to the game to see the planets completed…just like the planets explored

my idea is not to search from one side to another through a solar system after uncompleted missions…something like that

  • it is a good idea
  • it’s a bad idea

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if you don’t like my idea say why:)


Well, I’m hoping that missions can be regenerated to keep the game fresh

if the missions would regenerate then where would you know where are new missions came from?where can you find them?:slight_smile:
I don’t think you would be looking for new missions throughout the galaxy.
So we need an indicator for the completed planets!

Right now it’s a bad idea because we get new stuff every week.After Full Release,yes,probably.

I thought someone suggested it already a LONG time ago

I searched before posting the idea and I have not found anything

Were you talking about this?

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He was referring to a reward or achievement …I was referring to an option like the explored planets

anyway in my opinion there are 2 good idea

I do believe that the idea has been posted again, a long time ago.

The reason that it’s currently not implemented is missions can by dynamically added/removed on each planet, which would make any % or x/y display stale. But I’ll find a solution…


No, it wasn’t an achievement.

Well this also isn’t

Yeah,that’s the point. The thing you quoted is a reward/achievement. And VerMishelb said that the post he remembers wasn’t a reward/achievement.

He said that it wasn’t achievement. He could not notice the reward part.

EDIT: some more posts:

But I’d assume the post he remembers wasn’t a reward idea,either. Well,that’s on him to confirm.

It wasn’t reward too o_o

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So it was just an info? That’s disappointing.

Why? (5th Character)

Because why would you want to complete all of them if you’re not getting anything for that?

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