Planet Search Bar

Instead of trying to use a map to find a certain planet, why not just add a search bar? Players could easily find certain solar systems much faster.


That would be… unecessary. Sure it’s hard work, but the map hasn’t changed much in this Early Access, it’s still the same for like, 25+ versions?

Surely older players have memorized the map, but for newer players it’s an actual hard work to memorize an entire galaxy so easily, adding a search bar is much easier for them.

Or asking the veterans in here

Again, not necessary, using a search bar is a 2 second job.

Have you consider the maximum ammount of work that the server endures?
Adding that just increasing the strain to those. It’s useful, but can anyone handle sudden framedrops while playing?

Are you- serious? Dude.
Adding a search bar to find solar systems much easily isn’t going to “framedrop” the game, it will work perfectly normal. A search bar isn’t going to cause such downside to the game.

Consider the new account inflow is relatively high, especially for Vietnam players (because someone made a video about the series), imagine 200 of them using it at the same time…

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Can you elaborate on the idea I just posted, I am pretty sure you didn’t get it.

Oh great, now I have to pretend that I accept a community idea HAHA


OK, planet search bar helps newbies, right?


And so, they can have a plan to move across both ends of the galaxy just to get T6 ships and equipments and easier to find missions that can benefit them, like Key Rush, am I right? (assume that it’s for the least ammount of time)

Not really, imagine you being a new player, you hear that a certain planet has a heroware and inside there’s a legendary item, what do you do? Right, you get the huge galaxy map and calculate it’s precise location to- no. Just no.

Get a search bar and search the solar system’s name, that’s search bar’s purpose. (It just shows the planets, it doesn’t tell us if it has key rush in that certain solar system)

Ah OK, I hope in the future there’ll be speedrun to get the Legendary BX-9 from scratch lol

It depends on the new player that has the enough amount of keys and uses forum to track that ship.



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No problem-o

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@InterAction_studios Do you concede with this idea?

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