Planet enviorment

This idea came to my while playing CI 5 the thing is that when you land in the planet orbit you will get option to enter athmosphere

Athmosphere will be diffrent depending on the planet you are entering in or it could be random for example inferno planet have red sky and sparks of fire everywhere while meteors are falling in the background dont worry they wont hurt you but can make game more shaky when falling on the ground there will be explosion effect

While electric planets have 100% of being stormy others have 25% but it would still be a thing

On freezing planets there will be snowy enviorment


Epic idea

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Planetary missions, put it simple
Already suggested trillion times and it’s already on the list.

no, this is not planetary, just ciu with a skybox, like ci5 final chapter

from what i see it would still add variety to the game rather than plain old sky field ya know?

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So basically a mix of environments and “planetary” missions.
Both of them were suggested. Just the atmospheric mission was also suggested (just type ‘atmosphere’ in the search box).

did i ever say anything about how i go against it?

maybe not now… idea went losing players in ciu.

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