Plan Update #06


Um,you know,this isn’t the only place with ideas. They receive ideas on their e-mail,too.


Yeah, and this was the only way to do it before these forums were made.


While that is true, Inter_Action haſn’t been telling us all of his. Still, I think 1000 can be conſidered a hyperbole.


93 ideas ok. But i think they will take at least about 20 ideas. About the hurry i mean that they dont need to rush so much, even if they have a problems like sicknes, because they can do some wrong who can became a bug or even bad thing. I wait 4 years from now it’s not easy for me, but I can tolerate it.


So this is why i wrote (on this form):grin:


Who knows they could include all of the 93 ideas somehow who knows?.. but I think if they deceded to do that, we will wait at least to the middle or the end of 2019 :joy::joy:


They said it clearly that they cant add all ideas(some great one’s will be unused), but i think the full game will be released in early 2019.


Come on! Just wait until chrismas because i know the wait will be worth it :smiley:


If it comes out on Chriſtmas, it’ll be the beſt Chriſtmas preſent I’ve had in a long time.


I think you mean “THE BEST PRESENT” did you?




Calm down buddy. We know…


I have rage problems :joy:


Hehehe what’s wrong…!!!


1 week to last, hopefully leave soon I can not stand the emotion

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