Plan Update #06




please dont flag me


This comment gave me ſo much joy to read! I wiſh I could’ve liked it multiple times.:joy:




Wow.This is thing want hyped.


Can’t wait for the release! :poultry_leg: :fork_and_knife:


@EmeraldPlay I bet you can’t do this



Apparently not.

Does anyone know what the uſe of the preformatted text button is? It doeſn’t appear to allow poſting of HTML, deſpite the tag drawn on the button.

Edit: It does underſtand HTML, but not if you poſt it as “preformatted text”

'Nother teſt
It alſo doeſn’t allow coloured text. Hmph.:disappointed:

Or buttons, which is reaſonable enough. But I was about to have fun.

Another edit:
What is the uſe of allowing HTML if you don’t allow people to enjoy it?
You know what, I have a cſs file from one of my ſites elſewhere; I’ll copy and paſte from there to add style to a div around this poſt and ſee what aſpects are maintained. Probably nothing.

Edit 3:
It appears that the only things maintained are <div>s, <ſpan>s, and <br>s, but not any attributes, raising the queſtion of why they have the HTML functionality at all. I have not teſted pictures or links. Or putting </body> ſomewhere in there. :innocent:


You put a dot in there. You thought I’d never notice. Foolish mortal.

I’m a god. How can you kill a god? - Dagoth Ur


Well, I don’t really understand, but okay… :no_mouth: Also why do you replace every S with ſ?


The same effect is achieved, so who really cares?


In anſwer to your queſtion about killing gods that you apparently think applies to you, I ſuſpect an egg would do it.

As to replacing S with ſ, the uppercaſe ſ is S. The long ſ is (read pre-1810) uſed throughout except in certain circumſtances when the round s is uſed inſtead. Why did you feel the need to blur that queſtion?


All i want to know?:thinking: would the game have a main story line with sub-missions or would it be endless missions?:thinking:

This text will be blurred and this is Becuase everyone is adding a blurred text :joy:


It won’t have story… from what I heard


I didn’t say that applies to me. I just randomly posted that quote from Dagoth Ur.

Ok, now I get it :smiley:

Well, it didn’t quite fit with the current post, is kinda off-topic, so I blurred it.


tHaT iSn’T nOt TrUe

I do. Mwahahahahahaahhahahahaa.


I will share my dream here. Last night i had a really bad dream.
I dreamed of playing early access of CIU and the view was not pleasant at all. The chickens was were half of Undertale grafics and half of CI series (i hope you understand what i mean). The ion blaster it sounded like the laser connon. Just… totaly disaster. The only good thing was ruined too, the background was really amazing (Retro galaxy background with added purple color). The background was rolling in a zigzag direction. Maybe, i dreamed this because i cant wait for the game or maybe i watch Undertale videos too much in the last 2 days. So try to handle your hype. Because hurrying can ruin everything.


hurry what??? it doesn’t matter… rememer that this is not FAN GAME they have an original PLAN with 1000 of ideas…this is not a popularity contest and if we push them they will release the game … interactionstudios said nice and clear and I quote :grinning: release date when it’s done :grinning::smile::smile: sorry for the truth but this is the truth


In fact at the time of writing this comment there are 93 ideas on this forum :thinking: …soooooooo YOU ARE WROOOONG :rage::rage: (dont take that as seriuos anger :joy::joy::joy:)