Pixel Mode and Screen Snowing Mode

  1. Pixel Mode: Play a mission in which pixels are an additional obstacle!

    Or harder!
  2. Screen Snowing Mode: Play a mission in which screen snowing are an additional obstacle!

Should these 2 modes have their own difficulty level higher than SSH?
Before you vote: At difficulty levels higher than SSH, there is still 140% of the difficulty, only these filters included as addition!

  • Yes
  • No

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Snowing Screen Pixel Mode
@InterAction_studios Could it be implemented, at least in the testing phase?


Letirally you reminded me of my childhood , also good idea

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Gonna have to say no to this one, not because screen filters aren’t a fun idea but because being forced to stare at these for hours on end because it counts as a difficulty modifier for the purpose of scoring, keys, etc. is an agonizing idea, and I already suffer from vision problems as it is.

As optional easter-eggs that can be turned on and off, though, I could go for this.


So be it! Nobody has to play these modes if someone does not want to. 2 mode is not painful, it’s like an old TV set, just black and white.


In my childhood I played games like this

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Yes, but can I know what exactly you were playing? Maybe I know it.

I don’t remember but , I played some pixel art games , and a batman with gray screen , there is games I can’t remember

Somehow after reading this, my brain: “The henpire is damaging your cockpit vission, so you must fight them with a weird vission”

Althought that was worth of a challenge.

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It can be a new mode instead “skill” level.

At the beginning I thought so too, but we have nothing after SSH.

I don’t know, it seems a bit unfair

Why? What do you mean? Which Mode?

The harder pixel one

And imagine these 2 modes as one common mode.

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