Picture in-game

How do you guys take picture in-game??

Usually using a 3rd party app. I use Bandicam for the in-game pics

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I just click PrintScreen button.
But my bro uses Win+Shift+S to take screenshot on Win10.


As a follow-up question, how do you guys record videos (while playing in full screen) so that all music and sound in-game can be heard, but not any noises from outside the computer?

I sometimes record with OBS, Fraps or Shadowplay. If you have a microphone and you don’t want it to record any sounds from it, disable it in recorder options. In OBS, click this button.

You can also just use F9. Can’t remember where the pictures taken this way are stored,though.

I think screenshots are somewhere in the game folder, but I’m not sure.

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In savedata folder, programdata etc.

So not in C:/Users/username/Downloads/random crap (132)/Wikimedia Commons images you have on your computer for no real reason/blurry low quality images mixed in with a few random bar graphs/subfolder you couldnt think of a better name for/screenshots/screenshots of Explorer/CIU/ingame screenshots ?

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In English,please.

Do you have Nvidia graphic card ?


You can use Nvidia GeForce Experience to make picture in-game.

On Windows 10 you can press image + PrtScr and then use Ctrl+V

Just press Win+Shift+S on win 10.
That also takes screenshot, but you have possibility to cut screenshot.

Maybe I am a madman but I prefer to save this to bufer and use paint if I want to cut something without saving file.

noice, now i can take perfect screenshots in fullscreen instead of windowed mode

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