PewDiePie getting involved with Chicken Invaders franchise

How’s it going bros?
My name is PewDiePie…
Might be wondering what is this all about?!
Well, I’m gonna get involved with this franchise…
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Is this actually legit?

Gimme a brofist cause it’s 100% legit

It’s alſo an advertiſement, which falls under the category of “ſpam”:

It’s spam
This post is an advertisement, or vandalism. It is not useful or relevant to the current topic.”

Although the entire point of this topic is an advertiſement, I think that deſcription applies, deſpite that laſt ſentence.

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Sorry if you think its fake…
But unfortunately it 100% legit…
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IA delete(locked) the last advertisement(topic) of 1 guy who show his YT chanell.

I didn’t ſay I thought it was fake, and indeed I don’t. That doeſn’t mean it’s not an advert, though, which is claſſified as ſpam, preſumably becauſe it clutters up the forum with little to no benefit to anyöne other than the poſter.

Relax it’s a joke.

Go Pewds! Show them who’s the boss!

We need your support to take over T-series…
So don’t take it as a spam.
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obey pewdiepie destroy t-series

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How’s it going bros?
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