Perishables as droppables

Stuff like Bullet Spray Condenser/Expander,and Eggular Repulsor can drop in-mission,and are applied for the rest of the mission if collected.Pretty obvious.


Would have to be pretty rare, but I’d like this.

EDIT: The people below me have made some pretty good points and I have been convinced otherwise. :sweat_smile:

Nice in theory, but impractical. The icon would have to be shrunk down to at least 50%, and you’d have to mentally decipher exactly what type of upgrade it is and decide whether you want it in the heat of battle.


So basically have Island Wars 2-style powerups? On paper that sounds cool but in practice…

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We could always use colors like with presents, except it would be some kind of energy ball or crate. We already have to recognize weapons, so dropping powerups could add to the knowledge the player needs.
Despite this, I’m not sure how this would affect gameplay (Considering it’s random) and could make missions… too easy? Even if I proposed how it could be implemented I’d rather not have it in the game : P


I’m more into like energy ball. For condenser and expander it can make use of aura, the condenser have inward moving aura while expander goes outward. Colors also help, blue and orange maybe?

I like this idea, we’ll get more collectible items(and get it for free too lol)

I agree with you. This would just greatly break the balance of the game. You could get something extremely useful, like a free eggular repulsor, or you could get something like maneuvering jets when you’re using a muller, which is essentially worth nothing. And it’ll probably make things too easy in general. How rare would these be? If they’re extremely rare, it’ll totally break challenges. If they’re too common, they’d make the game way too easy.


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