Perishable Item: Teleporter

“Getting cornered? Use this to go to the opposite side instantly, confuse the chickens! The future is now, partner.”

The teleporter is a perishable item. When you’re hugging the side of a screen assuming you’re cornered, double tap your movement key on your keyboard or the “Precise movement” just got added (maybe?) to shift to the opposite side of the screen.

this may already suggested but it’s worth a try.


Something similar was suggested and IA said:


It was the teleport chicken , not as he suggested , also good Roman , it can be used if you are in a dead end

A boss like this would be fun, but Master of Time has the power to teleport.

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Yes I know , but was just explaining to the chicken boss :sweat_smile:

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I have actually run out of ideas for another bosses. There are Elementals, Master of Time, Megamix and Mechamix.


Don’t worry , get some rest , and I am sure you will find many interesting ideas :+1:

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I will see, it won’t be anything bigger. Now just finish the memes.

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Dimensional phase out works better.


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