People taunting in CI-related videos

This is almost certainly the first time I’m risking a punishment, but it’s worth talking about this, because it’s still something related to Chicken Invaders, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

So, as some of you know, I have a game over channel, basically a channel that posts videos which are about the game being over in the negative way, when you lose all of the lives before you actually finish the game, when you throw the towel, to surrender, to conclude your game without defeating the antagonist, and the Chicken Invaders series, like some others, has a screen that depicts basically that in an indirect way, and I’ve posted the game over screens of all games multiple times (depending on the aspect ratio, the edition of the game and, of course, the game itself).

The thing is: despite watching a game over video, coming directly from a game over channel, people will still send these comments as if I were actually playing the games, and it’s especially noticeable with the Chicken Invaders videos, of them all.

Such people think that they’re saying it just to motivate me or something, or actually show their arrogance and prove that they’re better than me without any actual evidence, but in reality, I’m good at the games, as someone in the latter two comments replied (ok I’m not the best either, but recent speedrunning also helped me a lot), and also I’ve never said to anyone that they’re noobs if they’re really bad at the game, at the very least they tried, so why the disrespect (and the anger, really, since it’s almost as if I committed a crime)?

This is pretty much a warning to the community as a whole, and especially to those who say “oh but these games are easy why are you a noob at this game?”, without looking twice at the title and the intention, and again, I’m sorry for this minuscule rant.

This is Grant, signing off.


Well, to stop them you could either ban them or play their game by replying with “no u noob, >D:” or something.

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The best way is disabling the comments, if they keep you spamming by these BS. I’m wondering why these dumbs don’t even read that word, before judging!


The Youtube comments section is never known for having rational thinking people, it’s filled with overreacting trolls who are better off being ignored. Just don’t reply to them/delete their comments/ like or give them a heart and especially DON’T disable the comment section, it’s commonly seen as a cowardly move.


Game GamePlay is a strange guy, you shouldn’t bother if you find his comments offending to you or just totally incorrect. This is the world after all, there are always some people who say strange things, either because they want to prove to themselves that they’re better or other reasons. After all, there are constructive comments too and their quantity is usually way bigger than “noob lol”.


This guy named Games GamePlay also commented on my video

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he has also said about these
afk for 1 week:
also the question that literally made me lose braincells


WTF he don’t know how to unlock SSH? It is not downloadable, it is unlockable.

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You can instead just change all comment sections so they are held for review, and each comment will have to be approved individually.


Youtube has a neat little option for hiding specific users from comment sections.


From what I’ve seen, it works pretty much like a shadow ban, so the entity in question will likely keep wasting their precious time writing comments that no one else can see.


Something like restricting in IG? Glad to see that, but dumbs are everywhere and he will have to hide them again.

If only this had a option to specify what comments with bad words (You can manually specify the words) should be hidden automatically. Fortunately this exists in IG and harassments are decreased.

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Don’t know what IG is. Youtube also has an option for blocked words in youtube studio.


I mean Instagram.

That was exactly what I’m talking about.

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Blocking would be nice and all, and I’ll do just that. Also, I’m glad you’re somewhat aware of the situation as well.

That being said, such people will always come back without actually realizing what they were watching. This is actually not the first time I’m complaining about this at all, but it’s the first in this forum, because, with some exceptions (at best 1/5), all of the comments that claim I’m a noob are on the Chicken Invaders-related game over videos, which seems enough to be talked about here. The games are not difficult (actually, it’s easy to play, but hard to master), and that’s why they kept asking for it, but again, why do some get angry on a game over video like I was obligated to win?

Oh yeah, something has to be resolved with Games GamePlay since he commented on other people’s videos as well, in a stupid or annoying way.

I guess that’s all I want to say for now.


Thanks for pointing it out but I have to object.
Media sites like Twitch have faced massive controversy over banning certain words like ‘simp’ and the pogchamp emote, banning certain words is also commonly seen as a cowardly move.


I’d rather to be calm and stay relax than tolerating. They offered these features for us, so why not using. :wink:

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Because you could ban people who use these words and didn’t actually do anything wrong.


They don’t get banned. Their comments will be hidden only. That’s not a problem (for me).

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Yeah…that’s the problem with the filter. Maybe it’ll all end up like the Roblox situation.

That is bad enough. Also “They offered these features for us, so why not using.” is a pretty bad argument in general. Just because something is an option doesn’t mean you should do it.

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