Pease Nerf and Fix


Dimenſional phaſeöuts are better there.


I don’t know what kind of logic is that, so you even have to predict or know where the boss is gonna move? That’s just dumb, boss needs to be a DIFFICULT wave that’s why it’s called a boss wave. UCOs were the best here in CIU because they presented real challenge and it wasn’t that hard honestly, I lost like 2 lives in total when I encountered it first two times. They should hve nerfed it only below SSH or virtuoso difficulties. Well from now on we’re gonna fight retextured and remodelled space crab like I said earlier.


It must be difficult in respect with their difficulty name, but would not rely on RNG whether you’ll need to sacrifice a live (or forcely use a Phase-out) or not. I once badly place my spaceship on the side of the screen during a UCO encounter. I had to guess whether it will swoop right or left.


Solution: play on weaker difficulty. Also the movement is avoidable, you can’t say that UCO can trap you, you trapped yourself, ever heard of going ABOVE it when it starts to slam into the bottom? Every boss should have unpredictable movement, not just indicate everything like a kids game…


Yeah, that goes with my blunder.

I could mention Touhou regarding attack with patterns, but that’ll be another topic.


That’s dumbest thing I heard in a while. Not a single thing should have unpredictable movement.


So there should be an arrow or whole pattern showing where the enemy is gonna move? GREAT IDEA.
Edit: looks like they “buffed” ci4/5 bosses to be faster, nice work on that. :slight_smile:


Point me where I said it.
I’ll repeat one thing that I said many times: I’m all for a challenge, but it must be fair. Slamming your spaceship down chaotically isn’t fair as your only chance to survive is guess where U.C.O won’t fly. Difficult games shouldn’t be based on guessing, they should be hard but possible to learn so you can master the game and be better in it. You can’t be better in guessing - you can just have more luck.
If anyone wants fair hard game check Furi


Yes, but come on UCO wasn’t THAT unavoidable, his slamming wasn’t so chaotic, now there is no danger when fighting uco, unless you are a newbie so you die to his lasers. He legit can’t kill you now …


Oh dear the ‘‘SLAMMING NEEDS A DODGE’’. If you dont know how, where and when to dodge you are dead. The U.C.O’s now are easier than the gatling gun roulete and not very frustrating.


GUYS IT’S BACK. Look at the change notes! We probably got slamming back!


Well then, that sucks for noobs. I grew up with chicken Invaders as an easy and fun to play game.I’m Definitely at fault here. I always thought that this game was to be taken light-heartedly. What was superstar hero in CI3 is at best veteran here. It’s a drastic departure from the light-hearted gameplay until CIU. Now, playing superstar hero actually makes you feel as one with the epic waves and more aggressive bosses. This is not a kiddie’s game anymore. It’s for those pros in CI series who keep getting disappointed in how easy it is to play. They won’t be disappointed here with SSH. Now actual strategy has to be used to clear the more challenging waves and bosses. What I think should be added is the ability to buy a single life for 5-7 keys.

PS: My mouse sucks :slightly_frowning_face:


I’m ſomewhat confuſed. Did you ſtart with CI4?


TBH, I started from CI2 but only the demo version. I usually had a hard time with CI2 and CI3. CI4 was a piece of cake and CI5 was also pretty easy.


Probably some (if not most) of the guys here had grown up playing the first two/three games and they (and me) needed more challenge from the series, that’s why there’s the demand of more difficult stages/bosses.

Well, we’ll need to introduce some newcomers to the game and younger players (where the original Chicken Invaders appealed to most). Let them play the game (at Tourist/Rookie) and see their opinions.