Parallel universe

UHF: hello do you see that black hole there
recruit: yes
UHF: we’d ask you to go investigate what’s in it
recruit: you expect me to go and investigate what’s inside the black hole
UHF: yes
recruit: why wouldn’t a hero do it
UHF: he is currently busy
recruit:ok,I’m going to go and investigate what’s inside that black hole
UHF: so what do you see
recruit: the universe is almost identical to ours, there is even earth here
UHF: earth? How is that possible
recruit: is that hero and han solo and who is this th…
UHF: hello can you hear us, hello
recruit: …
UHF: Mark, damn it

with the help of black holes you will be able to do parallel missions
(I tried to make them a little more real but it still looks like it’s from the CI universe and you’ll need the same things for them as for the wormholes)
here’s what the icon for those missions would look like
HenSoloCI4 (4)
these missions will also have special waves just for them
and when you start the colors will become inverted for a second

first wave: classic invasion?
in this wave you will have to destroy parallel versions of recruits who will shoot with a moron railgun at you (for more difficult missions the moron will be at a higher level and the spaceship that intends to shoot will light up for a second)
download (8)
second wave: deadly dance
in this wave, the ships will come to the left (3 ships) and the right side (2 ships).Left side will shoot first and then the right side, when both of them shoot two lower ships on the left side will replace with ships on the right side,the upper left ship will go to the middle part of the upper part of the screen, so everyone will shoot at the same time.After that shooting everyone will return to the old positions
third wave: select side
it will be similar to the first wave only you will have to help the chickens to beat the recruits, and if all the chickens die before the recruits then you will automatically lose your life (yes chickens can kill you too)
download (9)
fourth wave: wrong way
in this wave the recruits will run at you from the top of the screen and when it reaches the bottom of the screen they will turn around and go to the top of the screen and start shooting
download (10)
fifth wave: copy solo
recruits will come from any part of the screen and act like hen solo
download (11)
here’s what parallel recruits look likeHnC
(if you want you can also tell some ideas for waves)

which wave do you like the most

  • classic invasion?
  • deadly dance
  • wrong way
  • select side
  • copy solo

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at the end of each mission you will encounter parallel versions of hero, hen solo, the hero’s first companion and more or less the rest of humanity
at the end of each mission you will encounter parallel versions of hero, hen solo, the hero’s first companion and more or less the rest of humanity

                    new boss: meeting "heroes"

hen soloHenSoloCI4 (2)
in this battle hen solo will behave like in CI4,he will go to random parts of the screen and shoot
he will behave similarly to hen solo only he will shoot with ion blaster
he will move along the line shown in the picture(for earth) and sometimes shoot with the absolver beam
Earth: Earth has two attacks (somewhat) the first is that it will destroy every projectile you throw at it
download (8)
the second attack is that it will sometimes come out of the screen and start blowing feathers in direction shown in the picture
the hero will have 25% health, hen solo will have 20%, the companion will have 25%, and the earth (fan) will have 40% health from the boss
when you destroy the parallel versions and the fan,earth will start to run off the screen and when it escapes it will explode and shake the screen more than the metal chief
since these are in a parallel universe I think you know why you and Mark were attacked


Why this one has some white pixels tho? I mean, considering you made it clear for hen solo and bomber, how you failed on this one?

because I had to cut out the white background and I’m not that good at it

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The idea still looks good tho

Check out my spaceship! Fits the parallel universe idea!

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