Overheat protection as an add-on

This ſimple idea occurred to me today, and I figured it was worth writing down.

The concept is this: rather than having overheat protection be built into the ſpacecraft, have it be an add-on, purchaſable from the heroware. When the player overheats a ſpacecraft not equipped with the protection, rather than having the fire button blocked, the ſpacecraft explodes.

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I don’t understand.

Instead of overheating, you lose a life instead.

Yup, exactly. I figure that for ſome the add-on wouldn’t be worth buying (either becauſe they uſe coolant caniſters all the time or becauſe they avoid overheating), but for moſt it would. It ſhouldn’t be too expenſive, though, as it’s effectively a ſimple ſafety feature.


An interesting idea, though it would probably be quite confusing for any new players coming back from the episodes. Also, being a very simple safety feature, it wouldn’t make much sense for it not be be installed as standard.

Imagine if instead it was a modification which takes off the protection module. It could transfer the heat (or at least some portion of it) from the heat sinks to the reactor which converts it into usable energy and then routes it back to the weapon pods, causing an increase in damage.
Damage would be increased as the heat level rises (perhaps the overheat rate would be increased as well). If the overheat bar reaches maximum the reactor overloads and causes the ship to explode.


Maybe it could be the perk of a new spasheship:
At the cost of 1 powerup a coolant canister effect is applied (can’t go lower power 0)
But the ship can’t use satellites

Yeah,no thank you

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