[OUTDATED] Frequently Suggested Ideas

Pin this @InterAction_studios (wait wat why i’m posting this)

CI2 non-remastered music


I did it wiki again

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CI2 waves

CI3 waves as well.

Ballon Chickens

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CI3 enemies

CI4,5 shield

That gives me strange feel.


This post was kinda unnecessary because uh… we already have this https://forum.chickeninvaders.com/t/collection-of-ideas-liked-by-interaction-studios/
And it’s much more detailed and brief.

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Coincidence? I think yes

Still, my topic is listing ideas that IA liked. And this lists ideas that are “frequently” suggested whatever it means. There can be ideas that don’t match both topics.


Just because you expect no one’s gonna read it doesn’t really mean that it’s true.

By this logic the FAQ topic which is pinned globally is also useless.

If a user doesn’t read through important stuff before posting, that’s their problem and they’re the ones who are gonna get in trouble. Obviously we can’t pour common sense into them, but it’s really just not at all our responsibility to do that.

Either way, the topic you linked was for ideas IA has liked and it’s outdated, while this topic is for suggested ideas (regardless of whether IA has liked them or not).

Also yes there are a lot of similarities with the FAQ thread, and by that I mean the text. More precisely what Mishelb quoted.


In-game changelog


Funny thing. It is useless. Because you can see it with ideas that people and newcomers are posting.


How so?

Maybe the most recent example

It is written in F.A.Q topic that you shouldn’t ask for your language right now. Do you think this is a proof that users read it?

IA could think of some small punishment for that, not something grave but enough to make users think twice.

Even once will Suffice enough here in some cases.


Perhaps a redirect to the topics on joining the forum?

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