I have an idea: outbreaks!

At some point in the game, scientists at the U.H.F. found a new virus in space, capable of infecting and taking control over living objects. Several spaceships had also reported that they had seen chickens acting strangely, are much stronger and look greenish. Will they be able to stop the virus from spreading?

So, this is how it works: sort of side missions including neutralizing infected chickens;. For example, if it were to be an regular chicken, the egg drop rate is increased; if it were to be an spacenaut chicken (i call them that) the laser fire rate is increased. When do outbreaks happen? Once or two times a week. A specific planet will be chosen which will become infected and it will say on top: ''Outbreak detected. (number) Chickens infected. it? neutralizing all the infected chickens on the said planet will greatly reward you.

And oh yeah, this idea also includes infected ‘‘bosses’’
Who’s with me on this? Of course, all the infected chickens/bosses are cartoonish, they don’t include blood, gore, or any violence at all.
Also a medal: Clearing 25 infected planets will give you a diamond medal.


I guess if it was to be added it would have to be chicken flu or something, since bird flu is taken.

Thanks but I don’t like having my playtime extended for no reason. It’s just boring to have to kill them so slowly. I could understand something like higher shoot rate or faster projectiles, though even that could get too much (Especially if new difficulties get added).

When you die you already lose 5 power. If you want to lose an additional 5 power for total 10, that will be just too punishing.

Again perhaps a bit punishing and making powerups largely more viable over lives. However how do you decrease fire rate of manual guns? I guess they do have their caps. But speed? We don’t have the speed mechanic anymore so that’s useless (unless you mean projectile speed).

So every 4th planet gets infected or all 4 after your initial one? How does your spaceship transmit the disease? But honestly I’m suuuure no one would want to spread it on purpose.

no grind no please no


Okay excuse me how much? Especiallly if these are exlusive items, no! Too OP and would put those who weren’t at the events at a disadvantage.

Honestly this idea seems intresting. However the way it adds difficulty is boring imo, and the curing aspect is also not my cup of tea. I’d prefer if everyone got a message of specific locations with the virus, and once all of them are cleared, done. At that point everyone could some keys depending on their contribution.


I guess i went too far. Thanks for replying though. your idea also seems interesting.

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