Option to change your weapon

Use the mouse wheel by pressing down to begin the next wave and start with your configured weapon on the next. It would give the pilot the option of using their mission chosen weapon and use it at the start of a new wave. You can’t change weapons during a wave except for gifts, but at the end of the wave you are able to go to the weapon you configured with. It would give the pilot more control over how they fight the annoying chickens. It could be a strategic advantage. Be well all…


Well, that would make the game way too easy. I would say…



me too


but this is MAKE GAME EASY I would SAY


No no no


No, no, no

I see your point. It would not make the game better. This should be a challenge. It was posted out of frustration after not being competent with a weapon. I am now inspired to become more competent and be able to use the weapon at hand. Fly safe my friend, Be well all…


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